Gender Equity & Female Empowerment Project

Gender Equity & Female Empowerment Project

  • 24 May 2021
  • To     06 Mar 2013

Koinonia is keen about the situation of women in the country. Gender equality, equity and female empowerment is one of Koinonia’s core program areas. However, gender mainstreaming is also a cross-cutting approach that is relevant to all programming.

  • Koinonia is playing the role of a catalyst in community and act as a change agent to make the program sustainable through the community support and involvement. Koinonia established a community support group named “Village Development Committee (VDC)” that will continue to play advisory role and provide supports to the women in income generating activities, health, education and agriculture activities. Members from the different level of beneficiaries and community leaders were included in the group who are giving proper directions and supports for ongoing management and monitor the activities regularly. The staffs of Koinionia are continuing to assist the VDC and Field Officer and the Field Motivators of the project providing continuos follow up and monitoring the VDC and women Micro Credit group activities and providing technical assistance.
  • The VDC will continue to advocate increase awareness on gender, women rights, gender based violence and empowerment of women in their area. Koinonia will continue to build the capacity of the community to take over the responsibilities to continue the activities in a sustainable manner.
  • Koinonia will continue strengthen integration of project activities with its other program for mainstreaming gender and women empower issue. It is expected that mainstreaming gender issue and implementation of this project will increase the number of girl child in reaching in the project area; increase number of women involved in income generating activities and reduce the early marriages, increase delay of pregnancy, birth spacing reduce rape and other form of violence against women.
  • VDC will help the community to realize the situation of women in the project area. VDC will take over the role of catalyst and change maker. 
  • After receiving the training and orientation the male family members and community leaders they help to their female and their family life is happy.
  • Male counterparts are found impressed by their female counterpart’s activities and they also help them.
  • Village Development Committee are doing the community to develop their village specially to reduce the dowry, early marriage, polygamy and improve the health condition, ensure safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, better environment with the help of govt. human resources and Koinonia. 
  • The community now realising the importance of education for girl child and consequences of violence against women in the society. Now girl child have access to education more than past. And gender discrimination reduced in the community as well. The community is now recognising women as a part of the development process and trying to ensure their participation at all level.
  • Most of the beneficiaries are awarded about marriage registration, birth registration, children education and disadvantage of polygamy and dowry with beneficiary’s families. They send their children to school specially their girl and they expressed their willingness to continue the education of girl child as optimum level and protect the early marriage.  
  • Most of the beneficiaries participate in the decision making process at their family and some of the beneficiaries participate the decision making in their society.

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