Child Rights Education and Training on Economic Sustainability (CREATES)

KOINONIA has been implementing the program, titled ‘Child Centered Integrated Community Development Project’ (CCICD) with Poorest of the poor, disadvantaged and deprived section of people living in Mollarhat sub-district under Bagarhat district of Ba

Reflect on the changes in the society that have occurred during the project period and whether theproject has contributed to these changes. General information on the country situation should notbe included unless it is relevant for the intervention.

  • A significant change has developed in the reference people gradually to get rid of poverty.
  • Increased women’s participation & improved leadership quality in self help groups & communities.
  • Young people are showing interest in skill training and showing self employment.
  • Reference people are becoming aware of their rights. They try to achieve Govt. Safety netprograms from local govt. offices.
  • Awareness among the group members about having safe drinking water and proper sanitationissues have significant increased.
  • Group members are now engaged with different kinds of IGA’s Activities which is increasing theirfamily economic condition.
  • Some of group leaders or members are able to change their social status & behavior.

Project  Outcome

488 students have receivedbooks & supply stationeries. 465students appeared yearly examout of 488 students. Where 95%students successfully passed theexam.Though many new studentsadmitted inmadrasha& all parents are not capable to pay theirchildren contribution that is whywe cannot achieve our targetAnother reason is Govt. Primaryschool facilitates. But we achievethis year still 539 students.Gradually increase student’sadmission. We are trying to ourbest.

All students, Parents, SMC &local people have enjoyedannual sports arranged forschool students & parents. Allwinner received gifts from eachsports event. It was a fruitfulevent and was organised on22th december’19.

594 participants have attendedthe annual picnic including students, SMC, local religious &others leader & staff.Two times health check-up &de-warming for First time-483& 2nd time-457 students by the Govt. child specialist weredone.The project has givenmedicine support to First time-175 & 2nd time-122 studentswho were prescribed by thedoctor. This kinds of programis very helpful for preschoolstudents physically growth.

Total 23 students havereceived emergency medicalsupport for their catastrophicillness.32 meeting organized out of 32 SMC is taking care of the school.32 meeting organized out of 32.Many of them are aware about importance of education fortheir children and contributingaccordingly. Averse attendanceparents meetings are 453. Outof 488472 Parents attend Orientation on Child rights, child labor & Child Abuse out of 488. Parents are awarded on Child rights, child labor & Child Abuse

12 meeting organized out of 12 In this meeting teachers sharedabout the course curriculum and progress of the program, Children attendance and maderecommendation for project.In the reporting period WeeklySavings Deposit by the groupmembers total 8,87,231.00 taka.Per week/Weekly SavingsDeposit by the group membersis total taka 22,660,00. Total 60SHG’s December’19 closingcumulative savings is taka33,37,309.00 Our year opening SHG’s members was 1087 & right nowis 1200. So Whole yearcollection was not from 1200.So savings amount is not fulfillour target. Moreover somemembers not deposit regularly.20 SHG’s group received seedmoney support. Per group10,000.00taka. Total taka 2,00,000.00 . Increase IGA’s Capital.In the reporting period 822 members took loan from theirgroups. At June’19 closing total 60 SHG’s loan in field taka 40,42,910.00. Group member’s loanrepayment is well.400 members received trainingout of 400. Members applytheir training knowledge & skillin their gardening.65 received training out of 65,& project distributed sewingmachine within everyparticipant, They contributed1500.00 taka. Most of them arework at home & earn money.

400 received training out of400. After training most of themembers are involve in fishculture activities.200 members received trainingout of 200. Many of them startcow & goat rearing & alsoearning money for their family.All 60 groups including 1200members have their meeting.All members meet together &make decision with their agenda,Share their pain and gain andmake a pathway for futureaction.

Total 373 members of 8 clubs.1st year of creates project 8adolescent club members targetwas 320 but actual members is 373 as per local Group leaders requirement. That is why ourachievement (outcome) is morethan target.373 students’ regularly comingadolescent club & studying books for their knowledge increase.20 adolescent members successfully completed the twomonth duration Computertraining out of 20. Allparticipants are able to operatecomputer.32 adolescent membersreceived this training. 4participants of every club attend the training & they shared their skill & knowledgewith their own club & make acomplete cultural group. In thisway 8 cultural groups formed. Group members are capacitated to perform culturalprogram & theatre.At a time It was quit impossible to arrange training for 320adolescent members. We firstlytrained up 32 participants from8 clubs by outer skill resourcespersons (Per club 4 potential members). Then they train up other club members, in this waywe cover 373 members. Finally8 cultural groups formed.8 adolescent club groupsperform 3 theatre show & 3cultural programs in a year. Every clubs theatre showtheme or message was against or reduce child marriage, dowry, Konnyashishu&women tortures. People showthe program get message fromthis.

One training was organized outof one. 16 adolescent leadersreceived that training from 8adolescent clubs. They learnabout leadership, management &how manage a club as goodquality of leader. They try toapply their knowledge at club aswell as communities.

90 pregnant & lactating mothersreceived the health care supportout of 90. After receivingsupport they are able to medical checkup & able to buy nutritionfood who are lactating Mother.440 members received Awareness rising training out of 400. They try to discuss in their family about discrimination. As per SHG members demand,we arrange additional onebatch awareness raising trainingwith in the budget.75 SHG members familyreceived Install Hygienicsanitary latrine out of 75. They use is it & reduce their family treatment cost.

2 Hand set deep tube-well installout of 2. Community people arevery satisfied to drink safewater.

  • Schools are runningsmoothly throughout theyear and providing qualityeducation for the children.
  • Most of the parents arecontributing finance fortheir child’s ducation now.
  • Project only providessupplying of books &learning materials,supporting annual sports,Picnic, emergency medicalhealth support for schoolchildren.
  • Due to better educationsystem students areachieving good results andgetting better opportunitiesfor further education.Moreover the percentageof school dropouts hasdecreased.
  • 465 students havereceived quality education. In class two, 57 studentssuccessfully passed the final examination out of 59 and they all are admitted toclass three. Many of them
  • Attendanceregisters (bothstudent andteacher), Everyday Lesson plan of teacher, S.M.C (SchoolManagementCommittee)Meetingresolutions,Result register,Master roll &other registers.are admitted to Govt.Primary school (49students) and some ofthem admitted to madrasha(8 students).
  • Members are regular in depositing their savings, taking loans and repaying their current dues.
  • This year 20 groups have received seed money (10,000/-) support from the project according to the project plan.
  • They have improvedtheir own capacity insolving any local problems.
  • SHG Member skills are developing day by day through the training program & their daily income also gradually increases through IGA’s.Where some of the families are completely dependingon our member’s income.
  • 20 SHGs have includedand 26 members are intotal. 26 members (all arefemale headed family) and are maintaining their family through their IGAs income. 60 SHGs have 457 different IGAs.
  • Eight adolescent clubshave been formedaccording to the proposal.And their weekly activitiesare going well. Theiractivities includesdeveloping culturalpractice, increase readinghabit, playing indoor games,forming groups forprotesting social violence.
  • They are also learning about sexual & reproductive health rights.
  • They are becomingaware about child marriage & dowry.
  • 8 adolescents culturalgroup formed & their cultural talent is blooming day by day
  • 20 adolescent clubmembers successfully complete the computer training. They are able to operate computer that help them to establish for their future.
  • Group members arebecoming aware of theirsocial and moral rights.
  • Members are gettinginvolved locally in different social works.
  • 45 members elected asGovt. Primary managing committee members, Union perished committee members, Community health committee &Mondir Committee.
  • We achieve it throughlife skill & rights based approaches of empowerment trainings, SHG’s Meetings & Seminars.
  • Inawareness about commondiseases and prevention areincreasing.
  • Members are now awareof different governmenttraining facilities. They arealso receiving some safetynet facilities from thegovernment.
  • 137 SHG membersincluded Govt. Safety netfacilities (VGD, Widowallowance, disabilityallowance, Adult allowance,Pregnant allowance etc.)creased awareness about Primary health care, Water, Sanitation, Nutrition, Gender equity & rights.Mothers are becomingaware about their childcare.
  • Group member’sawareness about common diseases and prevention areincr
  • Members are now aware of different government training facilities. They are also receiving some safety net facilities from thegovernment.
  • 137 SHG members included Govt. Safety net facilities (VGD, Widow allowance, disability allowance, Adult allowance,Pregnant allowance etc.)
  • 8 community leadership groups formed. They are well known about leadership & project management, Social mobilization & resource management & also gradually develop their knowledge on projectmanagement.