Rural Health Worker Training Project (RHWTP)

Rural Health Worker Training Project (RHWTP)

  • 01 Jan 2006
  • To     31 Dec 2020

The project will contribute to the overall objective which is increase the basic health services to the rural people. To train 15 trainees for six months and 30 trainees in a year. Project Area: Upazila-Kulaura, District-Moulovibazar.

Project  Goal

Reflect on the changes in the society that have occurred during the project period and whether the project has contributed to these changes. General information on the country situation should not be included unless it is relevant for the intervention.

After receiving training most of the students opens pharmacy in their native village and continues their daily treatment and health service practices. When peoples in their local area needs an urgent treatment the students provides them the first aid and also suggests them to take further medical treatment according to their needs. They also refer them to nearest medical hospitals for better treatment. As a result community peoples are receiving treatment support from our students and our student’s also becoming self-dependent by earning little bit and supporting their own families.

Project objectives

  • Treatment cost & mortality rate reduced. Local people will get treatment with no fees from HW and thus treatment will be reduced.
  • New employment (30) will be created. They will treat people with lower cost than doctors.
  • Local trained health workers always referring the critical patient and keeping close follow up with the stakeholder.
  • The HW earns BDT 5 000 at the beginning per month to maintain his family.
  • Acceptance of HW has increases. The socio-economic status of the H.W enhanced.
  • Community people get knowledge about family planning, personal hygiene and sanitation, maternal and child health care.