Mobilizing Church in Community Earthquake Preparedness Program (MCCEP)

Program is designed to equip a group of young volunteers from the Church and communities by providing training on earthquake preparedness, rescue operation, first aid, primary health care and rehabilitation of the people in an earthquake hit communit

KOINONIA kept a continuous good relation with church and communities’ thorough organizing meeting, discussion and liaison with the Church and community leaders. They are involved in planning activities in their community. KOINONIA is very careful in selecting potential and acceptable community volunteers by the Church and community leaders. KOINONIA already has good relation with Department of Disaster Management (DDM), Comprehensive Disaster Management Program (CDMP) and Fire Service and Civil Defense Department. To ensure and continue help from concerned Govt. departments, a MOU signed up at the beginning of the project. We are also trying to convince the garment industry authority to allow their staff to attend in the orientation with the help of the coordinating authority of garments industries in Bangladesh. We have different awareness activities with school students and teachers.  We will organize school mock drill to get practical knowledge about earthquake preparedness. Mason, Developers & Engineer’s will get idea about building codes. All of the local school authority, Community leaders, Church leaders & Engineers are very cooperative with us.

We are committed and accountable to all of our stakeholders of this project, in the project proposal we have described about all the stakeholders and what is their roles and responsibilities. During the reporting period through our different awareness activities we have tried to seek out the feedbacks from the project participants, beneficiaries and different stakeholders. 

We are receiving feedbacks from different levels and trying to respond according to our different activity through project. These helped us to build a very good relationship between KOINONIA and the Government officials in our project area.  We have also selected the vulnerable people as the project’s beneficiary to make prepare them about earthquake.

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