KOINONIA Integrated Approach for Community Development Program (KIACDP)

Dinajpur district, the working area of KIACD is very cold in winter comparing to the other parts of the country. Like other year this year also people suffered from intense cold.

Socio-economic situation:

90% of the group members have regularly attended the group and made their regular savings and capital is increased. 255 families have increased their earning by using their IGA skill they had gained through training e.g.

Political situation:

In the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter the political situation was unstable. There was strike, blockade and violence that created panic among the people. We faced difficult to go to office and travel back to home. Even sometimes we could not go project field for routine monitoring. Farmers, dealers and vendors also could not supply their grain or goods and due to this price of daily essentials went up.

Environmental situation:

As Dinajpur district is in the northern side of Bangladesh there was very cool wave in the winter season. The temperature was 7-8 degree Celsius in the working area some times. This year temperature went down below 7 degree Celsius sometimes. The sun can hardly be seen during this time because of extreme fog. The community suffered by cold wave. The people of this area are habituated with this temperature rise and fall situation, but sometimes they got sick.

Health situation:

107 families have made 10 sanitation para (small community) in six villages in the KIACD working area by installing sanitary latrines and keeping healthy environment. They installed the sanitary latrines by taking loan from their revolving fund of the group.

We are committed and accountable to all of our stakeholders of this project. During the reporting period through our different activities we have tried to seek out the feedbacks from the project participants, beneficiaries and different stakeholders. The people of working areas are influenced by the KIACD group IGA activities and sanitation achievement.

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