Child Centered Integrated Community Development Program (CCICDP)

KOINONIA has been working to reduce the effects of poverty through ‘Child Centered Integrated Community Development Project’ (CCICD) with Poorest of the poor, disadvantaged and deprived section of people(children, Adolescent, women and Men).

Socio-economic condition of Mollarhat sub-districts is high poverty (hard core poor -20%, poor-50% ) and low literacy rate (literacy rate is 31.6%). The common natural disasters of the targeted areas are flood; storm, cyclone, water logging   and salinity to which people especially poor are suffering from its impact. They are mostly affected by flood, salinity, and water-logging. During that time they have been suffering from various diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cold fever, pneumonia, skin diseases etc; water crisis, crop destroyed, income decreases are the common features of impact. Many people migrate for searching alternative income source. Women and children are mostly victimized. Most of them don’t know any information about public service from the concerned sector of government. Participants of FGD gave their opinion about the measures of reducing loss due to disaster. Most of them said that awareness rising on disaster and climate change issue would be effective measure. They also shared that if people have skilled training on income generating activities they can easily cope up with the adverse situation.

Project Goals:

The activities of Koinonia include the community people who are vulnerable and disadvantageous. Koinonia has always tried to broad its area to cover as much as vulnerable people it can.  We organize trainings on different issues such as gender, HIV, disaster risk, health, sanitation. All those issues are focused to raise awareness among the civil society, community people. As Koinonia has strong networking with other government and non-government organization thus it was feasible for us to build goodwill in civil society. Still we are attending different seminars/ workshops organized by other organization, meetings to make a positive change among civil society.

The Project has enrolled 480 students at the year starting of School calendar 2015 and completed with 475 students. 100% children passed and promoted innew classes. 100% students are regular in their classes.There are 5 students drop out due to Parents migration, take admission in maddrasa. 107 Students have graduated from KOINONIA-CCICDP preprimary school. They are preparing to take admission in near primary school. Our Staff and SMC member are helping students and their guardian to take admission in class three.During the last six month the project has provided everyday nutritious food for 480 students every Tuesday guardians provide hotchpotch for their children (students). 16 trained teachers have provided class lesson with 480 students in 8 schools. The students have successfully completed their course.Project has arranged health check up of 480 students, and suggestion to their guardians to take care of children according to doctors advised and provide medicine if it necessary. 100% children participated and enjoyed. During the reporting period the project has formed and continued capacity building activities with 60 self-help groups with 1164 villagers. 1164 group members are saving money regularly on weekly basis.The Project Staff have shared about Village Development Committee (VDC), and self-help groups are taking preparation to form VDC. This year project has trained 110 SHG leaders on Leadership and Management.This year project has trained 57 SHG leaders on ‘Accounting & Record Keeping’. 60 active groups are depositing savings regularly and meeting weekly basis and planning for their own development. During the reporting period project Staff has provided regularly motivation with 1164 group members to implement income generation activities and small business as well as self-employment. The women are encouraged to invest in their own activities such as small businesses, vegetable gardening and raising livestock.40.38% started IGA or business to use their skills and making additional income.Financial development is one of the fundamental factors for sustainable development. KONONIA promotes saving’s based fund and a self - managed system. Groups are involved in Savings and Income Generation in which members establish a pattern of regular savings to the group investment fund. This is often one of the motivating factors in the formation of groups particularly as the benefits of savings are seen in the community. Trained adolescent are aware on their physical change and management of their reproductive health.The project has four adolescent groups consisting 100 adolescent members. They conduct meeting in every quarter on reproductive health and other different health related issues. Besides that project has provided seminar, workshop, and different educational and motivational session and for our group members.

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